September 06, 2006

Online Knitting Magazine Review: Yarnival!

Yarnival is a blog carnival, which is a collection of blog entries by people from all over the world. In this case, the online magazine type website is a place where knitters can showcase the content of their knitting blogs.

The first issue of Yarnival! includes blog entries about spinning, dyeing, works in progress, finished objects and techniques. Some of these are:
- cats and knitting
- what makes a person a knitter
- review of knitting needles
- knitting patterns on an iPod

Yarnival was started by Eve who is acting as the editor for the first issue. The idea for the blog carnival stemmed from her obsession of reading knitting blogs. She reads over 80 per day. Eve wanted to showcase some of these blogs while exposing lesser know blogs to readers.

Submission of blog entries for the second issue are being taken until September 15, 2006. Entries should be knitting or spinning content that represents the best written within the past month or two. Entries that are original work, witty or insightful commentary, and have pretty pictures are considered the best type of entries.

Read Yarnival!.

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September 03, 2006

Knitting Book Review: Knit Fix By Lisa Kartus

Knit Fix: Problem Solving for Knitters By Lisa Kartus

This book is a helpful resource for lots of knitting problems. It is written in a humorous yet caring way. It has photographs and illustration, which clearly shows knitting problems and the solutions to those problems.

The book is divided in several chapters starting with one on developing a knitting philosophy to one about testing out ideas before starting a project. In between, Lisa walks through the foundations of knitting including different stitches, tension, unknitting, and making fixes to dropped stitches.

A troubleshooting chapter breaks down each type of knitting quandary into the problem, a diagnosis, and a fix. This approach makes it easier to identify problems and quickly find a solution.

Lisa also offers advise on how to avoid knitting problems all together by taking time up front when casting on to joining new yarn to working in the round to picking up stitches.

Finally, there is a chapter on fixing major problems especially those discovered after a project is completed. These include lengthening and shortening garments as well as adding pockets, and altering seams.

Knit Fix: Problem Solving for Knitters is a well written book with plenty of clear illustrations and good advise to use to solve knitting problems. Lisa Kartus not only shows you how to solve knitting mistakes but also how to spot them and why they happen. With a spiral-bound cover this book lies flat and is small enough to be carried in a knitting bags as a constant resource.

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Online Knitting Magazine Review: MagKnits September 2006

The September 2006 issue of the online knitting magazine, MagKnits, contains an assortment of free knitting patterns ranging from socks to tops to wrist warmers:

Honorine by Fathom Harvill - sweater pattern in two different styles
Lombard Street by Susan Pierce Lawrence - a pair of cable style socks
Snowflake by Melanie Berney - a pair of lacy style socks
Delft by Janine Le Cras - close fitting t-shirt style garment with waist shaping and a neat V neck
Apple by Alexandra Leisse - hooded baby sleeping bag
Inner Truth by Laura Andersson - cable scarf
Snicket by Sabine Riefler - a pair of net-like socks
The Edward by Cher Underwood Forsberg - sleeveless shell
Seaside by Angela Hahn - beaded fingerless gloves

See all the knitting patterns in the September Issue of MagKnits

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Online Magazine Review: Spindlicity Fall 2006

The Fall 2006 Issue of Spindlicity, an online magazine for hand spinners, contains a couple of interviews with drop-spindle makers, a few informative articles on spinning including one for beginners, and a fall themed knitting pattern.

The two interviews with drop-spindle makers are with Linda Diak of Grafton Fibers and Steve Kundert of Kundert Spindles. The interviews reveal how the makers got started making drop-spindles and the type of spindles they make.

The articles include one on spinning metal and how one spinner developed a process of doing this. The beginners article discuss the different types of spinning including top whorl and bottom whorl. There are also articles on speed spinning and keeping a fiber notebook.

The fall inspired knitting pattern is Falling Leaves Scarf by Tilda Shepard. This scarf has a lovely leafy lace pattern made from Romeldale/CVM roving spun to a worsted-weight single.

The issue also includes book and product reviews, a special section for kids, and reports on fiber festivals.

Read the Spindlicity Fall 2006 Issue at

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September 01, 2006

Free Crochet Pattern: Vicki Howell's Teensey Capelet

Vickie Howell of the popular DIY network's Knitty Gritty has posted her free pattern for the month of September.

The pattern is Teensey Capelet. The pattern calls for 2 Balls Lionbrand Jiffy Yarn in Grass Green and a size US N crochet hook.

Check out the free crochet pattern at Vickie's Web Site.

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Free Knitting Pattern: Diamondback Diagonal Stripe Hat

In honor of this year's Stitch 'N Pitch, Cathy Hoben created a diagonal stripe hat knitting pattern. This pattern is available for free on a South West Trading Company's blog, Be Inspired.

This free knitting pattern is knit with two different colors of worsted weight yarn using stockinette stitch, increasing and decreasing. It has sizing for both adults and children.

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Free Knitting Pattern: Knitted and Crocheted Summer Top

Crochet Me, the online crochet magazine, mid-issue pattern is a knitted and crocheted summer top, called Ice-Blue Ribbon by Annette Petavy.

This unique top has a knitted body with crocheted bottom border and arms. It is made from a ribbon yarn that gives a lacy look in the crocheted sections of the garment while giving coverage in the knitted sections.

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