May 06, 2006

Interesting Knitting Finds

Interesting Knitting Finds
Knitting Patterns
Tuplip - this is sassy top with a key hole neckline

Upcoming Knitting Events
1st Annual Yarn Rant - an email crusade to take place all on one day, letting yarn manufacturers know how knitters feel about poor yarn quality. Thursday, June 1, 2006. More information available at KnitSpot

New Yarn and Knitting Gadgets
Knit Lite - allows knitters to knit in dimly-lit places at any time of day or night.
Pure - 100% Silk - can't wait to see this yarn in person

Interweave Summer 2006 Preview - check out a preview of the knitting magazine that will be available May 16, 2006. Several free patterns are already available including a set of knitted socks, the pea pod baby set and the painted desert shawl.

Finished Objects (FOs)Dyed Roving - great combination of colors: Pink and Orange!
Dyed Yarn Using Kool-Aid - yummy looking yarns!

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