November 09, 2006

Illustrator Workshops For Knitting Pattern Designers

Y2Knit, owned by Jill and Susan Wolcott, authors of YNotKnit, a guide to step-by-step instructions for continental knitting and knitting basics, is offering online Illustrator workshops for knitting pattern designers.

Illustrator, a software program for graphic designers and professional publishers by Adobe, can make creating schematics for knitting pattern designers much easier and more professional looking. However, this program can be somewhat difficult to learn especially for the less-then-computer-literate person or those who lack experience using illustration type software packages.

The two-part Illustrator Workshops are designed to help knitting pattern designers get past these hurdles. The Illustrator I set of classes cover the basics of using the Illustrator program while the Illustrator II classes has an in-depth coverage of creating professional looking schematics.

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