April 29, 2007

Free Knitting Magazine

INKnitters magazine has posted a free knitting magazine issue online.

INKnitters is a print knitting magazine available in the United States and Canada. It offers "cutting-edge techniques, finishing, design, and the latest news".

The free issue, published in the Summer of 2001 and their first issue, contains over 80 pages of patterns and articles.

The free knitting patterns that are available include Trendsetter Fizz by Kennita Tully, a cardigan/jacket knit with novelty yarn, Knit One, Crochet Too Truffles and A Taste of Glitz by Gloria Tracy, a v-neck cardigan, Tahki Sable by Charlotte Morris, a v-neck vest, Red Heart Soft by Diane Piwko, a child's dress and several other free knitting patterns.

The free knitting articles include:
  • Decreasing Your Options: Choosing the proper decrease method by Dee Neer
  • Why Bind Off? : Unique finishing methods using open loops and a short-row primer. by Diane Piwko
  • Spreadsheets for Knitters: A Simple Charting Procedure by Margaret Hall.

All the article and patterns are available in PDF format for easy printing and to keep the layout of the original printed magazine pages intact.

Get your copy of the free knititng magazine at INKnitters

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