August 20, 2006

Knitting Blog Review - Crazy Aunt Purl

Crazy Aunt Purl Knitting Blog Review

Laurie's, also known as Crazy Aunt Purl, blog is much more then about knitting. The tag line says it all:
"The true-life diary of a thirty-something, newly divorced, displaced Southern obsessive-compulsive knitter who has four cats. (Because nothing is sexier than a divorced woman with four cats)"

If you haven't stopped by this blog, then you are missing some wonderful knitting patterns (and life adventures) with Crazy Aunt Purl.

Non-knitting topics include:
Blogging is My Therapy - the diary part
Insane Kitty Posse - the cat part
Divorce - the divorce part

Previous knitting entries include:
Increasing: Knit into the front and back of a stitch - includes video with a hilarious outtake
The Paris Scarf - directions for a funky scarf using Modea Dea's Curious Yarn
The Brangelina Hat - chunky yarn hat based on one worn by Angelina Joline
Easy Knitted Felted Bracelet Bag - unique bag using Patons Up Country yarn, Crystal Palace Stardust Fizz, and two bangle bracelets for the handles

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