January 11, 2007

Free Range Knitting

Jane Thornley, knitwear and jewelry designer, is offering a free virtual knitting class on Free Range Knitting.

Free Range Knitting, according to Jane Thornley, is "using any fiber, any weight, and combining the elements in fresh new ways." In Free Range Knitting, you explore knitting as art. By using various knitting techniques such as intarsia, short-rows, openwork along with surface embroidering and buttons as embellishments, knitting becomes an artistic expression.

Jane creates beautiful knitted designs using bold, vibrant colors in some designs and earthy colors in others. Her designs mix various yarn types and yarn weights to create uniquely beautiful knitted art.

Jane has a free scarf pattern on her website to get you started knitting in the Free Range Knitting style.

Or if you are feeling more adventurous, Jane is offering a free virtual knitting class on her blog for an asymmetrical design called Ocean Currents Not-a-poncho.

You can also purchase some of Jane's knitting patterns on her website. She has knitting patterns for tops, wraps, scarves, vests, caplets, and shrugs.

For more information on the Ocean Currents Not-a-poncho virtual knitting class goto:
on Jane's website.

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