January 16, 2007

How To Knit Cable Purses

Knit cable purses make an ordinary knitted bag extraordinary. By adding a cable to a simple purse pattern, the bag goes from plain to chic.

Knit cables are often found on knitted garments such as sweaters or scarves. They offer rich texture in a way that looks complicated but isn't once you master the basics of knitting cables.

There are many cable stitch patterns that can be used on a knit purse to jazz it up. Just find a basic knit purse pattern or make up your own and then add some cables to it.

Free Knit Cable Purse Patterns

Or if you want a knit cable purse pattern, check out these two free knit cable purses:

Books With Knit Cable Purse Patterns

There are a couple of great cable-oriented knitting books with each having a pattern for a knit cable bag.

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