March 14, 2007

Knitting Stitches

Knitting Stitches by Mary Webb is a comprehensive resource of over 300 contemporary and traditional stitch patterns.

Once you get past the basic knitting stitches, stockinette stitch and garter stitch, there is a whole world of useful and decorative knitting stitches to explore. In her book, Knitting Stitches, Mary Webb goes beyond the basic stitches to explore a variety of knitting stitches.

The beginning of the book, in the first four chapters, covers the basics of getting started with knitting. In these chapters, there is information on the materials and tools needed for knitting as well instructions for holding the yarn, holding the needles, how to knit a stitch, how to purl a stitch, casting on, and binding off. Clear color photographs accompany the instructions making it easy to learn how to knit, read patterns, and decipher charts.

The remaining five chapters in the book contain a resource of knitting stitches. They are: Knit and Purl stitches, Rib Stitches, Cable Stitches, Lace and Bobble Stitches and Twist Stitches. The stitches in each chapter are further divided into popular, easy, medium, and difficult.

What I like best about Knitting Stitches is the large, clear photographs that accompany each stitch pattern. They show exactly how the stitch should look. What I also like is the step-by-step instructions and charts for each stitch pattern. These things combined make it easy to knit the patterns.

If you are looking for a portable knitting stitches reference, Knitting Stitches by Mary Webb might be the right choice.

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