June 08, 2006

Knitting World Cup Begins

The Knitting World Cup began today to concide with the Soccer World Cup in Germany. The challenge to knitters world-wide is to pick a challenge knitting project and have it complete by the end of the Soccer World Cup on July 9, 2006.

Knitters may participate in the challenge alone or in groups.

Unfinished Objects (UFO's) and Works In Progress (WIPs) can qualify for the challenge but include some "penalities". They include:

1. Timing how long it has taken to knit the project so far. This can be calculated by calculating the time it takes to knit a row and multipling by the number of rows already knitted.

2. An additonal 30 minutes should be added to the total to account for already knowing the pattern.

UFOs and WIPs can not be worked on until number of minutes calculated after the start of the games.

To find out more and to sign up a team, go to 2006 Knitting World Cup.

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