June 18, 2006

Magazine Review: Spin-Off Summer 2006

Since I'm still learning about spinning, I decided to pick up the latest issue of Spin-Off, a magazine for the handspinning community to get more familiar with the craft. The issue I got was the Summer 2006 issue.

The magazine included several articles I found interesting:
  • self-winding winders by Nathan Lee (p. 26)
  • the art of plying by Judith Mackenzie McCuin (p. 30)

There are also several patterns and projects using handspun yarn that I liked:

  • Sheep and Shepherd Coin Purses designed by Mavis Adam (p. 58)
  • Estonian Hand Puppets designed by Anu Kotli and Carol H. Rhoades (p. 62)
  • Crocheted Bag for holding yarn by Meta Thompson (p. 86)

In the back of the magazine there is a Handspun Gallery of Children's Wear for inspiration that includes sweaters, mittens, and hats all made from handspun yarn.

The magazine also includes information on upcoming spinning related events as well as spinning guild information.

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