July 13, 2006

Magazine Review - Knit Scene Fall 2006

The special issue of Interweave Press's Knit Scene for Fall 2006 is now available. It is chock full an assortment of knitting patterns along with a couple of articles including one on felting and one on cables.

Knitting Patterns
The Fall 2006 issue's patterns are divided into four sections: Folklorico, Knits In The City, Girly Girl, and MOD.

In the Folklorico section the patterns use bold colors and folk inspired designs. Poinsettia (page 10) is a wrap cardigan with waist ties. It is in a bright red with contrasting purple/magenta. Matador (page 13) is a knit bolero with raglan shoulder shaping. My favorite in this section is Camisa (page 15) which is a v-neck short sleeve top with basketweave stitches at the waist.

The Knits In The City section includes hip styled knitted garments and accessories geared towards city living. Hear No Evil (page 20) is a knit striped earflap hat made of bulky cashmere yarn. Uptown Mommy (page 25) is a knit diaper bag made with simple shaping. I particularly like the Central Park Hoodie (Page 23). I keep going back to this pattern every time I flip through the magazine. It is has a cable pattern and I love the green yarn used for the sample.

In the Girly Girl section of the magazine, the patterns take on a feminine look and feel. Molly Ringwald (page 31) is a form-fitting corset top with ruffled cap sleeves and eyelets around the bottom. Magnolia (Page 32) is a short cardigan with a deep v-neckline which closes with a pin instead of buttons.

The MOD section is a retro-look back at the 1960's knit fashions. It includes Extra! Extra! (page 43), a newsboy style knit cap. A crocheted curtain panel called Curtain Call (page 43) is also shown.

There are free bonus knitting patterns available on the Knit Scene website. They include:
Felted Flowers
Frill Collar made of mohair and cashmere yarn.
Striped Felted Bag with pom-poms and embroidered flowers

Knitting Articles
The Knit Scene Fall 2006 magazine also has a couple of note worthy articles. An extensive article on felting (page 16) walks through the 4 steps of felting. There is an article on knitting cables (page 28) with clear diagrams and directions for reading cable pattern charts. It uses the Central Park Hoodie (Page 23) as an example of a project that uses cables.

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