July 12, 2006

New Online Crochet-Friendly Yarn Store Directory

Crochet me, the online crochet magazine, has released the beta version of their online crochet-friendly yarn store directory. The directory contains listing of online and local yarn stores that are happy to go out of their way to welcome crocheters.

Often times, crocheters feel unappreciated by yarn stores that seem to only cater to people who knit. These yarn stores don't typically carry crochet supplies including crochet needles or have staff that are familiar with the craft (and art) of crochet. The new crochet directory answers these frustrations by listing crochet-friendly yarn stores.

Yarn stores that would like to be listed in the Crochet me store directory can be listed for free during the beta.

Check out the Crochet Store Directory.

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